4 Week Sequential West Coast Swing Series
This is a 4 week sequential class that happens every Monday in October.

DESCRIPTION: Progressive West Coast Swing Series. We will be focusing on the whip. The whip is the hardest move in the dance and many other moves come from the whip. We will start at the beginning and each week will build upon the last. This class series will includes the basic whip and the various whip variations.

PREREQUISITE: Know the sugar push, right side pass, left sides pass. Very basic west coast swing knowledge.

TIMES: 8 - 9 pm.

DATES: October 7,14,21,28

INSTRUCTORS: Harrison Ramsey

LOCATION: Downers Sand Club

COST: $40 for the 4 weeks with preregistration and payment. Payment is due by the first week of class. No cover charge on Monday nights.

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(Note, this is not a drop in class, the classes are sequential)
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