NNMF Co-Creator Info & Application
Hello to all,

On behalf of the whole Northern Nights team we want to thank you for your interest in being part of the 2019 Co-Creation Team. This is going to be the seventh year of Northern Nights and we are coming back bigger and better than ever before. We can't wait to be with all of you in the California Redwoods this summer.

It is our hope that while you are assisting with the nuts-and-bolts of Northern Nights, you are placed in amazing situations that allow you to grow and learn both personally and professionally. As a Co-Creator, you are a part of creating the Northern Nights experience for thousands! We are honored to have your support.

Please review this important information regarding Co-Creating at Northern Nights 2019. All Co-Creators are required to understand and follow the guidelines listed below. Reply to thecocreators@northernnights.org with any questions.


Please submit the this application to be considered for the role of Northern Nights Co-Creator. You will be notified if you are selected.


If you are selected as a Co-Creator, you will need to purchase a Northern Nights Co-Creator Ticket for $63 (Non-Refundable). You will receive a special discount code in your Northern Nights acceptance letter.

For completion of the Northern Nights Co-Creator Program you will receive:
(1) Early Entry Pass
(1) Northern Nights Co-Creator tee shirt,
(1) Access to the festival when not working.

The $63 Co-Creator Ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is an important way for everyone at Northern Nights to contribute to the communities & land that allow us to share this one of a kind space for this weekend. You will also be required to place a $100 deposit on your ticket. This will be refunded within 1 week of the festival.


Co-Creators must attend a mandatory orientation on THE DAY BEFORE THE FESTIVAL, Thursday July 18th at 7PM and work approximately 18 hours of shift credit to receive full compensation.

- For your shifts, you must:
- Check in with volunteer base 10 minutes before your scheduled shift.
- Check out with volunteer base at the end of your shift.
- Arrive on time and able bodied for your scheduled shift.
- Wear closed toed shoes and bring a full water bottle.
- Come prepared for your entire shift and bring layers and a flashlight for shifts after dark.

Your shifts will be given out in advance of the festival.

We hope you understand, there are many considerations when creating the Co-Creator schedule.
We do our best to create a fair and balanced schedule, and assign shifts we believe you will enjoy.


- Gates will open for Co-Creators at 10AM Thursday, July 18th.
- Co-Creator check in is from 10am to 5pm. Please arrive during those hours.
- DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY unless you are scheduled to arrive early.
- Unapproved early arrivals must be turned away at the gate, and we really, really hate doing that.
- Pre Fest Co-Creators will receive specific instructions for arrival and check-in.
- Check in information will be given with your confirmation email.


The mandatory Co-Creator orientation begins Thursday July 18th at 7:00PM. Arrive in time to attend the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you will need approval. At the meeting, you will meet the event staff and other Co-Creators. You will also receive your schedule and meet with your team. This is an opportunity for you to meet the Northern Nights team and also a way for us to come together before the start of the sure to be amazing weekend.


- On-site camping is available to Co-Creator free of charge beginning Thursday July 18th at 10AM.
- Camping in the Redwood Grove does not open until Friday at 10AM.
- Car camping is permitted by Co-Creators only if a Car Camping Upgrade is purchased.
- All Co-Creators must depart by Monday July 22nd at 12PM unless you are scheduled on a post-event team.
- More detailed parking instructions will be available closer to the event.


- Alcohol or drug use during your Co-Creator shift is strictly and expressly prohibited
- Illegal or unprofessional activity, including taking bribes (money, merchandise, etc.) while at or near Northern Nights.
- Unauthorized selling (merchandise, tickets, passes, camping, alcohol, etc.) for personal gain or any other reason.
- Pets, kids under 18, fireworks, firearms, unauthorized vending, guerrilla sound and amplified music,
off road vehicles, bicycles, scooters, skateboards are all strictly and expressly prohibited.

A Co-Creator engaged in illegal or unprofessional acts while representing Northern Nights will be asked to leave and will not be accepted again as a Co-Creator.


Comfortable closed-toed shoes are required for all Co-Creator shifts. We suggest you bring the following: a full water bottle, meals and snacks, a chair, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a flashlight with extra batteries, and warm clothes. It tends to be hot during the day and cold at night. We will provide a snack or meal during your shift, but this is not enough food for the entire festival.


Carpooling/ride-sharing, using reusable water bottles, plates and utensils, properly sorting recyclable materials, picking up litter, conserving water at sinks and showers, only using eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, and sunscreens, and NOT PEEING IN THE RIVER are all very important ways festival attendees can participate in the continued "greening of Northern Nights." More information on the website --> www.NorthernNights.org/sustainability


Once all of the above information is read and understood, please fill out the remainder of the form below.

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Co-Creators are required to work either (3) six hour shifts DURING the festival or (2) eight-hour shifts before or after the festival. What would you like to do? PLEASE DO NOT SELECT PRE OR POST UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY SURE YOU CAN ARRIVE EARLY OR STAY LATE *
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Tee-Shirt Size *
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Do you commit to attending the MANDATORY Co-Creator meeting Thursday July 18th 2018 at 7PM? THE DAY BEFORE THE FESTIVAL. *
I hereby agree that the information submitted on this form is true and correct and that I am at least 18 years of age. I also agree to the following terms and conditions. I understand this form an application for the Northern Nights Co-Creator Program and I will be contacted by Northern Nights if accepted. I understand that, if accepted, Northern Nights expects up to 19 hours of participation in the Co-Creator Program. If accepted, I agree to arrive and check-in on Thursday, July 18, 2019, 10:00am - 5:00 pm, and attend a 7:00pm mandatory meeting. I understand that if accepted, Northern Nights will assign hours and tasks as they see appropriate to the festivals needs. I understand that Northern Nights expressly prohibits the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or participation in any illegal activity during shifts. Unauthorized selling of anything to anyone, (merchandise, tickets, passes, camping, alcohol, drugs, etc.) for personal gain or any other reason is prohibited. *
Northern Nights is a proud recipient of the Greener Festival Award for our commitment to sustainability.
Please act mindfully and consider the environment when planning your trip to Northern Nights.
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