New Beta Features for Ads Add-on Customers
This beta offers new functionality in the following areas:

1) Create audiences for Google in HubSpot. Within HubSpot's ads tool, you now have the ability to...
* use Google's universal site tag (like a Facebook pixel) alongside your HubSpot tracking code to create audiences off your site traffic.
* Create a contact list audience and use AdWords customer match audiences
* Use AdWords to target ads at these audiences across Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google's Display Network

2) Create URL Based Audiences for Facebook and AdWords to target ads at site visitors who have visited a specific URL, such as your pricing page.

3) New metrics in the Ads campaign dashboard: "Clicked an ad prior to becoming a contact" and "Clicked an ad after becoming a contact." These metrics represents the number of contacts that have interacted with an ad in this campaign at the specified moment of their buyer's journey.

Please note: This is beta software. You may discover bugs and/or see changes in functionality as we finalize these features.
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