Traveller Survey
Thanks for participating in Ecotour Magazine's research on traveller behaviours and preferences.
We hope this research benefits your alumni organization/outdoor club's future travel planning.
We’re currently doing a market research project for people who like to travel in Canada. We’re trying to better understand market preferences and behaviors when it comes to making travel-related decisions.

There are a total of 30 questions, which we approximate will take about 20-minutes to complete.

** Answer FROM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Ie. If you are a travel professional, try to speak from your own travel experiences, and not your experiences of booking travel for others.

** Answer as HONESTLY AND ELABORATELY as possible Ie. If "education" is an important factor for you in choosing a travel destination, what is it that you want to see and learn while travelling?

All information provided will be used for research-purposes only.

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