2021 Play-a-thon Registration

Completed entries (links and donation) are due BY 5PM FRIDAY MAY 28, 2021 for the June20 premiere.
You can revisit this form to provide missing details.
Questions? Contact us at (519) 273-3011 or info@kiwanisfestivalstratford.com

You are registering to submit a tribute to something or someone you have appreciated during the last COVID year. How can you express your gratitude? Whatever you choose to do (music, dialogue, poetry, visual art) please tell us why you choose that:
• If you choose music, tell us why you chose that piece
• If you choose spoken word (poetry, monologue, etc) tell us why you chose those words
• If you submit a drawing, please tell us who created the drawing (so we can credit properly) and why you chose that image

As we are a family-friendly Festival, please choose material appropriate for all audiences. Kiwanis Festival Stratford and RogersTV reserve the right to make final selections for material to be included in the series but we hope everything submitted can be included in the Play-a-thon and become part of our digital time capsule.

Please fill out one form for each work submitted. Kiwanis Festival requests a minimum donation of $20 per submission but encourages participants to gather pledges as there are prizes for those who raise the most!

Please submit a link (URL) to a recorded performance or visual work. Your recording should include an introduction to the work (name of the work plus composer/author/playwright/artist) along with an explanation of why you chose it. These contributions will be incorporated into half-hour episodes which will be livestreamed beginning June 20, 2021. These episodes will also be broadcast by Rogers TV. Once the entire series has been shown, we’ll store it to re-open one year from now and see if anything has shifted!
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Age of participant (if under 18) *
If the participant is younger than 18, please provide NAME and EMAIL of parent/teacher/guardian submitting the participant.
What kind of tribute is this participant submitting? (this answer can be changed up until May 28)
Please describe the tribute submitted (name, composer, author, artist). How much time will it need?
Please provide the link to the submission
Artist agrees to make a minimum donation of $20 to participate in Play-A-Thon. *
If you have any suggestions for this event please make them below. THANK YOU for participating in Kiwanis Festival Stratford's first Play-a-thon!
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