Iftar signup guidelines:

Here is the link to sign up for hosting Iftar in Ramadan'2018 @ HVICC http://www.hvicc.org/iftar

Hosting Options:
You have three options to sponsor Iftar at HVICC in Ramadan:
• Catering independently, in this case, make sure you follow the food quantity as listed below, cleaning charges apply, see cleaning section, below
• Use HVICC kitchen to cook and prepare the food. In this case, cleaning charges will still apply, see cleaning section, below
• Use HVICC in-house catering. Total cost is $1500 weekdays, and $2000 weekends ( split between all hosting families ). These charges include Cleaning costs.

The number of attendees:
We expect roughly 125 attendees insha Allah for weekdays and about 200 for the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Please keep in mind other factors that affect the number attendees, such as weather conditions, and how many friends and family you may have invited.

Cleaning is done by HVICC's hired crew. The hosting families must pay a total charge of $300 ( weekdays or weekends) for cleaning if they are either catering independently or using HVICC's kitchen. If they are catering through HVICC, cleaning cost is already included in the total price, there are no exceptions, please.

Below is suggested guidelines for food quantities and variety that HVICC follows and expect you to follow if you're cooking or catering independently:

Food Quantity, Weekdays
• Meat --> 4 large trays (60lb of Meat)
• Chicken-->4 large trays (60lb of Chicken)
• Vegetables --> 4 large trays
• Rice --> 4 large trays
• Salad -->4large trays
• Soup -->Big pot
• Fresh fruit --> 4 big trays
• Pita bread --> 3 large trays
Food Quantity, Weekends
• Meat --> 6 large trays (100lb of Meat)
• Chicken --> 6 large trays (100lb of Chicken)
• Vegetables --> 6 large trays
• Rice --> 6 large trays
• Salad --> 6 large trays
• Soup --> Big pot
• Fresh fruit --> 4 big trays
• Pita bread --> 4 large trays
• Pizza/pasta/desert & drinks

Responsibilities of the Hosts
Please plan to arrive 45 minutes early to set up the tables with the food and plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc. Dates are provided by HVICC, but hosts are welcome to bring additional.

Further information
For questions regarding using HVICC kitchen usage or catering through HVICC this Ramadan,

please The contact Names in the Ramadan calendar As fallow,
Sister Ghizlane Laksiouer 914-255-8875 text is best or Br Abdou 845-414-6072. Or send email to iftar@hvicc.org with your information.

Ramadan Mubarak!


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