Element Christian Church 2021 Questionnaire
Please let us know your thoughts on the following:
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What is your age range?
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Element Services
What is your preferred morning service time? (Choose one)
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If online only, what are your plans (ideas on timing and which service might you attend) for returning to in-person services?
What is the main reason you came through our doors for the first time? (Choose one)
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What do you enjoy most about attending Element weekend services? (Choose one)
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I would be willing and able to help serve around Element:
Which area of neighborhood/city ministry are you passionate about?
I would be interested in:
COVID Policies
In eKids Ministry, I would prefer to see: (Choose one)
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In Element worship services, I would prefer to see: (Choose one)
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Connecting with Others
Rating 1-5, how true is each statement below?
I feel connected with others at Element
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I seek new/more opportunities to connect with others around the church.
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I would actively like to create spaces and opportunities to meet others at Element in smaller settings.
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Looking Ahead
Which of the following areas would you like to PERSONALLY grow in this year?
What would you love to see happen this next year at Element?
What is an area Element could grow in this year?
How can we pray for you this year?
I would like a sermon series, or message on:
Which book, topic, issue or questions would you like to see?
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