【2019 FALL】Outside baseball program at SMIS sign up form
Please fill in this form to sign up outside baseball program at SMIS.
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2019セッション1 初日より参加されますか?/Would you like to sign up our baseball program from the first day? *
9/11から参加できない場合はこちらに参加日を記入ください。/If you cannot join Sep. 11th, please write the first date you can join.
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2018年シーズンに参加されていない方は以下を必ずご記入ください/If you have not signed up 2018 season, please make sure to fill in every section below.
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撮影した写真をSNSやWebサイトに掲載を許可頂けますか?If we take some photos at the lesson, may we use them on our Facebook, Instagram or Website? *
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