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All users hereby recognise that participation in the activity of skiing, snowboarding, mountain-boarding, sledging, mountain biking/bmx riding and other related activities carries inherent risk. Anyone using slope freestyle features place themselves at greater risk.
 NSASC will make every endeavour to comply with or exceed all statutory requirements and codes of practice in the operation of the facility. Risk assessments in relation to the slope, ski tow, safety devices, ski and board equipment etc will be carried out and suitable procedures implemented to ensure optimum and safe operation. Instructors will be qualified as a minimum Alpine Ski Leader (ASL) and/or Artificial Ski Slope Instructor (ASSI). Similar risk assessments will be carried out in respect of mountain-boarding and mountain biking/bmx and similar procedures implemented. Instructors will be trained to the All Terrain Boarding Association standard in respect of mountain-boarding and to a recognised national standard in respect of mountain biking. I accept and understand that my participation in these activities is entirely at my own risk and I therefore absolve NSASC and its employees/helpers of any responsibility howsoever caused. I am aware that the cost of lessons, free skiing/boarding/biking etc includes “day” membership of the facility club and that I must abide by all rules and conditions for the time being in force.Note: Photographs of participants including children may be taken for promotional purposes. If you do not agree to this please advise staff accordingly. *
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PARENTAL CONSENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT: I consent to my child/children receiving medical treatment by a medical practitioner/authorised person should this be necessary.
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