Parent Governor Election 2019
Governors play an important role in supporting the school and in making decisions about the service provided for your
children. As we have received more nominations than parent governor vacancies, we are holding an election by ballot so
that all of our parents can choose who will represent them on the governing body.

Please read the statements from each candidate below and submit your choice at the bottom of the form.
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Jochen Driessle
Hello, my name is Jochen Driessle. My son has joined Haggerston School’s year 7 this year. I also have a daughter in primary school. I run an architectural practice in Hackney.

I am committed to all students being happy and contented at school. I’d like them to retain and build upon the curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new things that every child is equipped with by nature. I want school to be a place that our
children look forward to spending time at every day, meeting their friends and learning about exciting and fun subjects in a nurturing environment where they feel at ease. I realise that this is not always easy to achieve. There are plenty of limitations and requirements that can get in the way of every student always being thrilled by what school offers them and expects of them. But it is the goal that I would aim for in my contribution to Haggerston’s governing body.

My specific skills of running a business and knowledge around buildings may be useful within the governing body.
As a parent governor I will be available to listen to parents' concerns and communicate and address these with the school.
I would love the opportunity to serve as a parent governor and would bring much enthusiasm to the role.
Pippa Nissen
I would really enjoy being a parent governor at the school. Charlie recently started at Haggerston in year 7, and I am already enjoying the atmosphere of the school. I have been teaching Architecture part time for over 20 years at Kingston and Cambridge Universities – and recently stopped to concentrate on my design practice – but already I miss it! I therefore have lots of experience being part of the education environment and I feel very passionately about it. I’m currently an external examiner at Westminster University too, for which my role is overseeing the process of evaluation
towards examinations for one of their courses – which is quite a responsibility, but something that I find infinitely fascinating.

I’m interested in the balance of what creates a learning environment and how people learn best. How do you emotionally engage children and young adults, from lots of different backgrounds, so that they want to learn, and so that they can gain their own voice? This is part of my main job – I have an architecture and design company Nissen Richards Studio with Charlie's dad, based in Hackney by the canal. My main work is designing exhibitions for museums and spaces used as a
learning environments. Our challenge is to communicate ideas, and engage often children and young adults in usually quite difficult and complex subjects through creating the right atmosphere, design and tone of voice. I would relish the opportunity to be part of the team that is thinking about the educational environment at Haggerston, and I feel I can use my particular skills in a useful way.
Bill Osment
I’ve been a parent governor for two years at Haggerston and my daughter is in her fifth year here. The transformation in the school over this period has been incredible through the hard work and commitment of the teachers, senior leaders and
governing body. This is a really great school.

I would like to be re-elected as a parent governor not just for my daughter’s preference to remain for the sixth form, but also because I was only recently assigned the role of ‘governor to parent link’ [where each governor link’s with a
member of staff or faculty] and know I can contribute further in developing this new initiative.

I have experience of setting up a successful PTA in a local primary school, and you will know there are currently efforts to start a PTA here at Haggerston. I think it’s this link between parents and governing body that can often be over looked but believe it’s crucial for governors to fully understand how important parental involvement can be.

There is a role for parents in the life of a secondary school; their energy, knowledge and enthusiasm are often an untapped resource and I hope, here at Haggerston, their future input will be of benefit to the students, the school and the wider
Philipp Rode
Running for parent governor, I would like to add my support to the leadership of Haggerston School in educating our children at an inclusive, multicultural secondary school in inner London. I have been living across the School’s premises since the early 2000s witnessing its inspiring transformation from the outside. More recently and with my daughter joining Year 7, I have learned more about the school’s inner workings and the experiences of students.

Besides being a parent of two school-age children, I believe there are several opportunities for me to make a positive contribution to Haggerston School. First, I have been working as an academic at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) for over 15 years and I am familiar with contemporary demands for our education system at various levels.

Second, running an LSE research centre on cities and urban development exposes me to school-wide operational, financing and staffing responsibilities any organisation needs to address. This work also comes along with a considerable understanding of local government, which is so central and particularly positive for our state schools in Hackney.

Third, having chosen London and the UK as my home, I am very much motivated by helping to ensure that state institutions such as Haggerston School can continue to flourish and remain a stable anchor for our communities and a good future for our children during challenging times.
Troy Utz
My Name is Troy Utz and I have lived in Hackney since 2003. I have a two children, a son in year 7, at Haggerston, and a daughter in year 4 at a local Hackney primary school.

I have been a primary school professional since 2000, working at schools in Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Hackney. Most of my time in schools has been spent working with Special Needs Pupils both in specialist placements such as Pupil Referral Units and within mainstream settings. As well as teaching I have worked for both Lambeth and Tower Hamlets as a borough-wide Advisory teacher for SEMH and SEN. I currently work for a Hackney Federation of primary schools as their sole SEN specialist teacher.

I am interested in joining the Board of Governors to:
- gain a better understanding of the secondary schooling approach at Haggerston and more broadly, in Hackney;
- use my experience as both professional and parent in a productive manner, one that supports the school in continuing to assess their current practices in order to continue moving toward an improved educational experience for all;
- continue being an active and positive member of my own community.

Alongside my experience in education, I have served a 5-year term as a Director on a Board of Directors for a freehold company managing a block of flats. This role involved protecting the rights and interests of the 180 flat owners in the building.

Finally, I also run a Hackney based cricket club with 60 active members and a 9-person sub-committee. Each year for the last decade we have arranged and led a charity tournament raising money for St Joseph’s Hospice on Mare Street.
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