Board of Education Orchard View Schools Public Comment Form
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Orchard View Board Policy states the following:
1) The Board may, at its discretion, limit the amount of time to five minutes for any one speaker, per issue. If it should appear the time allotted does not provide time to adequately consider the subject, the Board may place the subject on the agenda for consideration during the next scheduled meeting.

2) In order that due process in audience participation is assumed, the guidelines are as follows:

Anyone wishing to speak to a particular agenda item must fill out the form below and submit before 5:00 p.m. on the day of
the meeting.

Those persons wishing to speak regarding a particular non-agenda item should first attempt to resolve the issue through the
appropriate channels and chain of command as outlined in the Orchard View Board of Education Bylaws, Policies,
Administrative Guidelines and/or Student Handbooks. Once you have followed the appropriate chain of command, if you
still wish to address the board, you may either request a meeting with a board committee or complete the information
below and submit this form for further review.

3) Please note, information disclosed must be reviewed by the board as a whole or delegated as they deem appropriate. Please be reminded this is a business meeting of the Board of Education, held in public. Although your comment will be reviewed by the district, under board policy, the Board does not respond to public comments at this time.
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