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The goal of the Women @ The Lab awards is to honor women at Berkeley Lab who are making outstanding contributions to science and engineering or operations, who are dedicated leaders and mentors, and who are working to increase diversity in STEM fields. Candidates will be selected based on a variety of criteria, described below.

(a) Multiple people can nominate the same person. However, these nominations will be consolidated into a single nomination, so the quality of the nomination materials, rather than frequency of nomination, determines ranking.
(b) One person can nominate multiple individuals by filling out separate forms.
(c) Self-nominations are admissible.
(d) The inclusion of a CV/resume for the candidate is optional and will only be used to help break close ties, so please be sure to provide detailed and thoughtful responses in the text boxes below.

The last day to submit nominations is March 9, 2018. Awardees will be honored in June 2018.

Thank you for participating and taking the time to honor a woman at Berkeley Lab! More information, including winners from previous years, can be found here: http://diversity.lbl.gov/2015/11/24/women-the-lab-reception-recognized-14-honorees/.

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Scientific/Professional Achievements
Science: Provide a description of the candidate’s scientific achievements. These could include publications, grants, patents, hardware, software, etc. Science at LBNL spans many disciplines with vastly different criteria for success, and candidates will be from a variety of career stages. Therefore, please include in your assessment the context for how the candidate’s achievements would rate relative to peers in the same discipline. For candidates in non-Scientist categories, describe accomplishments related to the candidate’s job position at LBNL.
Nominee's scientific/professional achievements:
Leadership/Professional Community Service
Describe examples of leadership and scientific/professional community service undertaken by the candidate. Achievements to highlight would include leadership of multi-person projects or programs, supervisory or work lead responsibilities, editor or reviewer activity, advisory board participation, committee service, etc. As with the Science category, please describe these in the context of the candidate’s career stage and discipline.
Nominee's leadership/community achievements:
Describe the candidate’s experience mentoring others. In addition to more formal mentoring of students/postdocs and participation in division mentorship programs, this category could include descriptions of more informal forms of mentoring, such as training a colleague in a new scientific area.
Nominee's mentorship achievements:
Describe the candidate’s outreach and public service activities, particularly those activities that are geared toward increasing diversity in STEM and science communication.
Nominee's outreach achievements:
CV uploads are optional and will be regarded as complementary resource.
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