2017-2018 AIAA Executive Board Application
The following are requirements for being a member of the AIAA Executive Board:
-Being on campus for all of the 2017-2018 school year
-Participating in weekly Executive Board Meetings
-Becoming a national AIAA Member
-Giving a short pitch about yourself and why you want the position at the AIAA Election Meeting

Below you will find a description of each position available. You may run for more than one position!

Application Deadline: Feb 27, 2017 11:59:00PM CST
NOTE: If you submit after the deadline, you will not appear on the ballot at the election meeting

Election: March 2nd from 7-8pm; Room: TBA (Most likely 103 Talbot)

Questions? Email Larry Sheridan at uiuc.aiaa.secretary@gmail.com

Vice President External:
Oversee and coordinate the external affairs of the AIAA with a strong focus on developing and maintaining corporate relations.

Vice President Internal:
Oversee and coordinate the internal affairs of the AIAA with a strong focus on social and professional development.

Tech Officer:
Oversee the technical projects to which the AIAA commits. Responsibilities include communicator and organizer of meetings and tech members, selection of projects, acquisition of materials, and planning the general direction of the tech group.

Responsible for keeping a record of members, attendance at AIAA events, minutes at meetings, and maintaining the listserve.

Responsible for leveraging the funds available to best serve AIAA.

Representative of the AIAA to the University of Illinois. In particular the representative is expected to attend monthly meetings of EC and AEUAB and report back to the Executive Board. They may also be called on to represent AIAA in other University meetings or events.

Responsible for the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the AIAA website.

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