Request Your Claim To Be Exported
Please take some time to read the following.
Seriously. Read it. There is no need to rush - you can still request your claim to be exported after the reset around New Year's Eve. We will not answer any questions regarding invalid requests.

Your building has to be placed completely inside a claim. Otherwise there will be parts missing. If you don't mind, we don't mind either. But we will not spend hours to figure out what belongs to your building and what not. We will only export claims, nothing else.

You can only request the exportation of claims you own or in which you have the permission to build ("/trust").

The exported claims will be a ".schematic" file, which can be placed in any world using WorldEdit or Schematica. There are several tutorials on YouTube which show how to place schematic files - please don't bother us with this question.

The file will be sent to you via Discord or E-Mail. We will not wait for a response and will not send the file again if you have entered your contact details incorrectly. Double check them.
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