Live Music Loyalty 2019 Summer Promotion Info & Enrollment Form

Please read the information on the program here, click next and just enter your name, band and e-mail to be included and earn reward payouts.

Live Music Loyalty is running a promotion to support the artists and fans of the local Jersey shore music scene during the summer 2019 from July 1 to September 30.

The LML mobile app helps artists attract, engage and reward fans who see them play live. Casual, one-time audience members can instantly access artists’ streaming and social profiles and check-in to become followers that grow into ongoing and engaged fans.

This summer’s promotion is intended to grow the LML user base and motivate active use so artists can experience the app’s value in building fan relationships. LML will fund merch giveaways, compensate artists and reward top performers for a limited number of artists who enroll in the promotion.

• Artists can reward fans with swag for checking in to their events. LML will purchase up to $50 in merch at cost for each band to give away to their most engaged fans on the app (ie check-ins, photo shares, etc.).
• Artists can earn up to $50 total for each fan on their Leaderboard ($1/fan).
• The top four artists with the most attendees during the promotion earn a spot to play the LML Promotion Party at the Fourth Wave space in October 2019. Proceeds from ticket sales of up to 200 tickets will be evenly split between artists and Asbury Park Music Foundation (estimated value of $500 per artist).
• Artists will receive one free custom re-targeting email from LML sent to their fans, based on engagement levels.
• Additional promotions and raffles will be added throughout the summer.

Participating artists are expected to promote app downloads and check-ins at their events. Signage, postcards and social media content / images will be provided for artist use.

Requirements to participate: 1) Must plan on playing at least 5 gigs during the promotion period where LML will be promoted, of which 2 may be private parties deemed acceptable by LML 2) Submit info on performance metrics at the start of and during the promotion (monthly) to track the positive impact of the app. This includes #s of fans, followers, streams, etc. on all social and streaming platforms 3) Complete short questionnaire and testimonial at the conclusion and 4) Enter artist name and email in next section for entry.

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