Bloomington Crime Prevention Association (BCPA) GRANT REPORT FORM FOR PREVIOUS YEAR (2019)
In order to be considered for future grants, your organization must complete this form and mail it by September 30, 2020
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Program/Project that received grant funds *
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Please respond to all of the following questions. Attempt to limit your narrative to 3-5 lines.
1. Did you meet the program/project outcomes you described in your proposal? (Provide Details) *
2. What impact did the grant have on the community? Your staff? *
3. What, if anything, transpired that was unexpected? *
4. Are there things you would do differently in utilizing the grant? *
5. If the grant involved collaboration with other organizations, please comment on its effect on the project. *
6. Number of individuals impacted by the grant *
7. Anything additional to note:
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