The undersigned, residents of the Jackson Heights community, hereby petition a REVISION AND CHANGES to the plans for the 34th Avenue Open Street program being implemented without community input or any environmental impact studies. We address this petition to City Council Member Shekar Krishnan, Mayor Eric Adams, Borough President Donovan Richards, Assembly Member Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, State Senator Jessica Ramos, NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez and his representatives, and the NYC Parks Dept. (which manages the median).

The petitioners are not against the 34th Ave. Open Streets Program for use by residents as a green space for walking.
We believe that failure to address these issues will further result in a dramatic decline in the neighborhood’s quality of life and the property value of units along the avenue. Petitioners do not want 34th Ave. to lose its residential qualities - it is not a commercial strip.

By our signatures, we herewith petition the following components for changes to the 34th Ave. Open Streets Program:

No PASEO Park/Removal of Dangerous Plazas - Certain groups, and people who do not live in Jackson Heights, have advocated for THEIR Paseo park. Portions of the avenue have been torn down and dangerous plazas have been installed in their place. No one, specifically the DOT, has presented ANY environmental impact analyses or studies regarding this change to 34th Avenue and the Jackson Heights community. A pseudo park is a major project that would affect not only Jackson Heights, but adjacent neighborhoods.

Shorten the Length - The current length of 26 blocks, a 1.3-mile distance, which is drastically longer than the average 5 blocks length, 0.22-miles, of other NYC Open Streets. This length creates traffic congestion on Northern Blvd., 35th Avenue and other detour avenues/streets. The 34th Avenue closure has substantially increased traffic jams, noise pollution (excessive honking) and air pollution - due to vehicles taking longer to move along Junction Blvd, adjacent streets and avenues and Northern Blvd.

Reduce the Open Streets Time Schedule and OPERATE THE PROGRAM ON WEEKENDS - The 34th OS program is NOT actively utilized during the 13 hours (7:00am to 8pm daily). We propose the time and days be 8 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. This would eliminate rush hour congestion and parking difficulty for residents leaving for and returning from work.

Greater Safety and Security - For everyone’s safety and security, NYC Traffic Rules and Regulations must be enforced to address any and all violations, especially the excessive number of e-scooters, mopeds and bicycles speeding at above the 5mph speed limit currently imposed on the avenue. (red lights, speeding, etc).

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