UTD ICF Airport Pickup Sign-Up
If you need a ride from the Airport to UTD and you are an International Student at UTD let us know your flight information and we can try to arrange to have someone pick you up. If you have questions or comments you can contact us at utaicf@gmail.com MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT US IF YOUR FLIGHT IS DELAYED OR CHANGED OUT OF CONSIDERATION FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS
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UTD Net ID if you have one, otherwise 00000
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Best e-mail address to reach you at both in your country and when you arrive
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Best telephone number to reach you at both in your country and when you arrive. Cell phone.
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Which airport are you coming into when you arrive in Texas.
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What is the airline company name for the final leg of the flight into DFW or DAL?
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What is your airline flight number for the final leg of the flight into DFW or DAL?
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Date and time you will ARRIVE in Dallas/Fort Worth *
What is the and time that you will arrive in DFW or DAL?
Have you contacted anyone else about this need? *
Sometime people contact multiple groups about their airport pickup need, we need to know so we can coordinate with them so 2 people don't show up.
If "yes," who?
Who else did you contact about this need for a ride from the airport? (Name and email, phone or website)
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Are you traveling with anyone else? Who?
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Other comments or things we need to know
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