SMLC Dedication Form 2017 - 2018
In response to God's generous act of love for me I pledge July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 to practice stewardship by committing to:
1. Grow in the understanding of my gifts through being able to tell my story, learning my spiritual gifts, and growing in my devotional life.
2. Pray for our community and the ministries of St. Michael's consistently.
3. Serve in the ministries of St. Michael's in the areas of:
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4. Serve in the community that God has called me to by:
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5. Cheerfully support the work of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with our community and the world through a financial pledge to the general operating fund:
5. (continued) Giving a financial pledge of $:
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6. Cheerfully support the Thank Offering debt service fund to pay our mortgage:
6. (continued) Giving in the amount of $:
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Envelope number #
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