2019 BYR Member Survey
2019 was a record breaking year for BYR, and we want to make 2020 even better! Fill out the survey below to help us provide the very best value to our members for speaking and social events for next year!

You can fill out the survey anonymously or provide your info below.
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How do you primarily find out about our events?
How many BYR events did you attend in 2019?
Next year, BYR is planning to provide new BYR swag and fun materials for our members. Would you want any BYR swag or fun materials?
What types of BYR swag would you want?
Provide any fun swag ideas you have for BYR.
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How do you rate our event venue, The Ivy Buckhead, for speaking events?
Provide any additional comments about The Ivy if you would like.
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How would you rate the BYR website (www.buckheadyoungrepublicans.org)?
What was your favorite speaking event this year?
What was your favorite happy hour/social event this year?
Would you want BYR to email you about upcoming events?
What county are you register to vote in?
Would you want to volunteer, such as phone banking or door knocking, on political campaigns in 2020?
On social issues, how would you classify yourself?
On fiscal issues, how would you classify yourself?
How do you approve of President Trump's job performance?
We want to hear from you! What types of events, speakers, happy hours, etc. would you like to see for the upcoming year?
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Any additional comments regarding BYR.
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