rstudio::global 2021 Attendee Survey
In an effort to make rstudio::global better, we'd love to know about your experience. All questions are optional, so feel free to skip any you do not wish to answer. All responses will be kept confidential and are not associated with any contact information unless you provide it.

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Was this your first time attending an RStudio event, either rstudio::global or rstudio::conf?
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Please rate your overall impression of rstudio::global 2021 on a scale of 1 to 10.
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How likely are you to recommend rstudio::global to a friend or colleague?
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How satisfied were you with the following aspects of the conference?
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5: Extremely satisfied
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Pre-conference workshops
Main Conference platform (Intellum)
Lightning talks
Birds of a feather sessions
Asynchronous social chat (
Spatial meeting rooms (
Access to information on RStudio Pro Products
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If you have specific comments that you'd like to share about the conference aspects listed above, please enter them below.
What did you think of the food at rstudio::global()?
Please check any sessions you particularly enjoyed or found worthwhile. If you wish to check all that you attended, that's fine too. The talks are listed in the order of presentation during one of the 12 hour blocks.
The Virtual RStudio Pro forum consisted of a web page and dedicated to RStudio Pro products. Did you visit the virtual RStudio Pro forum web page or
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