PAARI National Recovery Corps: Law Enforcement Host Site Application 2020
In June 2019, PAARI expanded our Recovery Corps program to a national scale through AmeriCorps VISTA to build the capacity of law enforcement agencies working to address the opioid epidemic. With success in its first year, PAARI is thrilled to continue on into a second year, and seeking law enforcement partners to host one or more full-time Recovery Corps members at their department.

Please fill out the form below to apply to be a law enforcement host site for one or two PAARI National Recovery Corps members. Completing this form is a commitment to be a host site and meet the project requirements if your department is selected.

The PAARI National Recovery Corps project will support the capacity building of local law enforcement leaders to help them design, implement, and strengthen programs that marshal local resources to establish and/or enhance referrals to treatment and access to care. Capacity building activities will support and enhance program delivery and respond to PAARI and law enforcement’s goal of increasing, expanding, and enhancing access to care for opioid use disorder. Members can engage in a variety of indirect service, program development, capacity building activities that enable law enforcement agencies to provide more, better, and sustained access to care and services. Service activities may include developing a project plan for increasing awareness and participation, assessments, community awareness and engagement, expanding and strengthening partnerships with treatment and service providers, fundraising, developing materials, developing policies and procedures, program development, technology use, developing data collection systems and processes, and volunteer recruitment and management systems. Police departments may apply as a group if your program model lends itself to sharing one or more member.

Members will be selected on a rolling basis, and can start as early as June 2020. Members are in service full-time for one full year from their start date.

Host sites will play the lead role in member recruitment, screening, supervision, and support. Specific responsibilities include:

- Identify a host site supervisor in your department, who will be the day-to-day contact for members and will be required to hold a weekly supervision meeting
- Provide a suitable workspace in the station and required office supplies
- Attend a two-hour host site orientation (virtual) with PAARI
- Create a volunteer assignment description, which outlines specific objectives and activities for member’s service year and includes the VISTA’s overarching goal.
- Create an onsite orientation plan within the first week of service, as per VISTA guidelines
- Provide an onsite orientation to get the member acquainted with the program, department, and community
- Provide transportation reimbursement for the member's required on-the-job travel
- Provide a host site match of $2,500 per member (this can be waived for departments with limited budgets)
- Complete four quarterly surveys and a year-end program assessment (PAARI will provide write up tool)
- Complete biweekly member verification form (PAARI provides as well)
- Assist with recruiting and selection and Service Opportunity Listings
- Share press release and repost Service Opportunity Listings
- Provide weekly dedicated supervision meeting
- AmeriCorps recognition
- Communicate with PAARI if there is a member issue (an emergency or if a member being AWOL)

Please refer to last year's host site orientation to learn more about the program, but note that there may be changes in year 2 of the program:

Departments that currently host PAARI Recovery Corps members, including VISTA members and State & National members, are encouraged to apply for another year as a host site, if desired.

*** Please note that the deadline for online applications has been extended to May 15, 2020.

Contact Rachel Milan at or call (888)-972-2749 x706 with any questions.
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Is your department able to contribute the host site match of $2,500 per member? PAARI has a limited number of scholarships available for departments that are not able to contribute the host site match. *
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