King's Playground GDPR/DNT Data Removal Request Form
If you wish for your statistical data, (playtime, name history, and K/D/R) to be removed you can request it through this form. We will contact you via discord to verify and process your request.

Requests are honoured within 24 hours of form submission. NOTE: Unless you have DNT (Do Not Track) enabled in-game, your statistics will keep getting tracked.

Another option is to type .removemydata in console while on one of our servers (preferred)
Your in-game AUTHID
Your authid is what we track your statistics by. Discord: <discordid>@discord | EG. 158056618767024129@discord Steam: <steamid64>@steam | EG. 76561198230639680@steam NW Staff: <nwid>@northwood | EG. thomasjosif@northwood
Your discord friend ID. Eg. (Thomasjosif#2744)
This is an important one, upon form submission you will receive a friend request / message from Thomasjosif, if you do not accept we will not be able to complete your request. (We need to verify that it's the actual account owner wanting their data removed)
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