RVRN Application for Financial Assistance
We are so grateful for the opportunity to consider providing you and your loved one with financial assistance in support of their care. Our mission is to support the spiritual growth and enrichment of individuals who are working through the labels of developmental disabilities and who have chosen Christian Science as their way of life. RVRN provides the following services: Enrichment Activities; a Family Support Network (FSN); and Financial Assistance with the intention of supporting an individual’s spiritual growth and to further the individual’s understanding of Christian Science.

Assistance is generally awarded for the following types of support:
-Supplying subscriptions to the Christian Science Quarterly, Full Text Bible Lessons, my Bible Lesson and the Christian Science Sentinel.
-Assisting with Christian Science practitioner and nursing bills.
-Arranging contact visits with volunteers to drive constituents to church services and lectures.
-Making financial assistance available for respite and enrichment activities (such as tuition for an individual and a chaperone to attend experiential programs for Christian Scientists).
-Offering encouragement and direction to families about unique approaches to greater independence and freedom.
-Sharing information with families needing to find new living arrangements for individuals in their care.
-Finding and providing information that could lead to more adequate support of individual needs, tutoring, training, and freedom.
-Hosting an online family support network to help provide parents in the Christian Science community with a platform to exchange experiences, inspiration and resources, as they deal with their challenges.

Once your application has been submitted it will be reviewed by the RVRN board at the monthly meeting. Requests totaling more than $1500 require full RVRN Board approval and may take longer to review.

Please call Rebecca Creighton, Program Manager, if you have any questions: 719.966.7876.
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