Supplemental Instruction Application
Applications are reviewed starting week five of the semester prior to proposed implementation (e.g. week 5 of Fall 17 for a Spring 18 implementation).

SI works best for courses that meet the following criteria:

1. High enrollment (usually 50 or more students)

2. High risk (D, W, F percentage is in high double digits and/or a large number of students fail the course)

3. Bottleneck course (required for GE, a high stakes major prerequisite, or frequently failed/repeated major requirement)

4. Supportive professor (willing to meet regularly with the SI leader, allow the SI leader to make announcements about SI in class, and encourage students to attend SI)

5. Strong interest/demand for learning support outside the classroom from students in the course (for SI to be effective, students need to participate actively and voluntarily in SI sessions)

6. Fully funded. Cost of 1 SI Leader = $13.50/hour X 12 hours per week X 16 weeks = $2,592 + $300 materials and supplies (textbooks, markers, etc.) = $2,892

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For which semester are you requesting SI support? *
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Why are you interested in having an SI leader for this course?
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What is the enrollment of the section you are requesting SI for?
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Based on recent data, what percentage of students have earned D’s, W’s or F’s in the course? (to the best of your knowledge)
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Does this course meet a General Education Requirement?
If yes, what requirement does it satisfy?
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Is this course a prerequisite or requirement for one or more majors?
If yes, which major(s) require it?
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Is the instructor for this section willing to meet regularly with an SI leader and assist them with developing content related learning activities?
Will the professor allow an SI leader to make announcements about SI in class?
Will the professor encourage students to attend SI?
Do students appear to want additional assistance outside of class for this course?
If yes, what evidence do you have to support this? Do they request tutoring? Ask more questions than there is time for in class? Attend office hours regularly?
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Is the department willing to provide compensation (such a stipend, course release, or units) for faculty participation in SI?
Instructors are asked to meet weekly with the SI Leader to help provide support for content related instructional activities for SI sessions. If there are 3 or more sections being supported by SI in a specific department, a faculty liaison from that department would be helpful to meet with the students to provide content related session strategies
Are there other forms of learning support being offered for this course (such as X section, Learning Assistants, flipped classroom, departmental tutoring, TA discussion sections, etc.)?
If so, what type of learning support is already in place? Does this instructor have previous experience with SI? Has SI been offered for the course in the past?
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Do you have funding for SI for your course? If yes, please indicate amount and the source?
The formula to estimate the cost of SI based on one leader and one semester is 1 SI Leader = $13.50/hour X 12 hours per week X 16 weeks = $2,592 + $300 materials and supplies (textbooks, markers, etc.) = $2,892
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Do you have Department Chair approval?
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