x-Height Volunteer Waitlist
Thank you for being interested in helping x-Height and your community! x-Height is a grassroots organization that has grown exponentially due to the work we as volunteers put in to it, so we rely on you to be dependable, maintain integrity, and offer advice and wisdom in areas we can grow. Volunteering is a selfless act and we appreciate all efforts from all of our volunteers.

We do not have positions currently avaliable. However, if you are interested in future volunteering opportunities, (either for a regular position, or for a one-off event), please fill out your information here so we'll have you on our list to refer back to! 

Instructions: Please write your response below, and include your email for us to get a hold of you. Note, we don't need resumes. 

If you have any questions about anything, please reach out to thexheightnetwork@outlook.com. Thank you!!
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Tell us a little bit about you, including your full name, email address, instagram handle, how many events have you been to (or when you'd plan to attend), how you heard about us, and lastly why you are interested in volunteering! Bonus: please describe in detail how we may know you because maybe some of us have a terrible memory lol.  *
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