2018 PYSA All-Star Commitment Form
Dear Parents,

Post-season play is a very rewarding experience, but also a very demanding one. It requires commitment from both the player and her family. This involves:

• Practice Commitment: 2 to 5 practices per week in May through July. Practices typically last two to three hours. You are expected to be there for EVERY PRACTICE and EVERY TOURNAMENT.

• Team Commitment: 5-7 tournaments including Districts and State, between May 1 - mid July. Tournament play can begin as early as Thursday afternoon and continue into Sunday. There can be as many as 3 to 4 games per day. Please be aware that some schedules may conflict with school.

• Volunteer Commitment: PYSA hosts our Cool Breeze tournament May 31-June 3, 2018. This event helps subsidize All-Star expenses. Each family (including coaches) will be required to work 2 shifts (per All-Star player). There is a buyout option available for $150 per player which would be due when you pay for All-Stars.

• Financial Commitment: Since the estimated costs per player for the all-star tournament season are $425-525/player, the fees will be $275/player with PYSA picking up the difference through fundraising and donations. The league pays $475-500/team for each tournament entry, plus uniform and additional team gear expenses.

PYSA is committed to forming the best teams possible that will have the greatest opportunity for success. Our league attempts to keep the teams small to increase playing time. Please be aware that this is tournament play and there is no guarantee of playing time. Teams may qualify for the SoCal Championships in early July and you must be willing to commit to the full practice and tournament season.

Submissions are due by April 13th!

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