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Applying to adopt a dog does not guarantee that you will be the successful candidate to adopt him/her. We are volunteer run and it may take up to a week to process this application. Please answer questions fully and honestly. Each application is reviewed with consideration for the animal's personality and unique needs. Answering honestly will better assist us in determining if you are a potential good fit for this animal, and aid in the adoption process.
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Please list all of the members of your household and their ages (including yourself). *
Are any of the members of the household allergic to pets? If so, how do you plan to accommodate for this? *
Are all members of the household in agreement to become a foster family? *
Would you be able to give advance notice for vacations that would require the foster to move temporarily? *
What is your occupation and the occupation of the other members of your household? *
Do you have other animals in your home? If so, please list each animal along with their species, and ages. *
Are all of your current pets licensed with the town/city in which you live? *
Are all of your current pets up to date on vaccines? *
Do you plan to breed any of your pets now or in the future? *
Are all of your current pets spayed or neutered? *
Which vet do you currently use for your pets? Would they be able to provide a reference for you as a responsible pet owner? *
How do you plan to introduce and integrate fosters with any current pets in the household? *
Our animals we intake need to be on a 14 day quarantine after intake unless they have previous vetting. Is this something you would be capable of doing?
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Are you able to separate the foster animal(s) from current pets if they do not get along? (We only intake animals when a foster is available, but often do not have extra, open fosters should it not work out with current animals in your care. It can take up to a week to move animals to a new foster.) *
What is your current living situation? *
What type of home do you live in? *
What type of yard do you have access to in your current home? *
What type of fence do you have? *
Have you ever surrendered or rehomed an animal before? *
If you have surrendered or rehomed an animal before, what was the reason? *
How many hours a day would the animal be left alone during the week and on the weekends? *
How often do you plan to exercise the animal and how do you plan to exercise him or her? *
Where will the animal be kept when you are home? *
Where will the animal be kept while you are away from home for work or other outings? *
What type of equipment would you use to walk and train this animal? Check all that you would use if needed. *
What is your training style? Please provide examples. *
Will you be able to bring your fosters to events to help them get exposure? (Most are on weekends. *
Will you be able to bring your foster to Paws in Need veterinary appointments? *
Would you be able to send pictures to administrators to help your foster animals gain exposure? *
What qualities are a MUST for a foster animal to work well in your home environment and with your lifestyle, until it is adopted? *
What are some reasons you would need this animal to move to another foster home before it is adopted? *
As we are foster home based, we can only intake animals if we have open homes, do you understand that if you agree to take this animal and for some reason it doesn't work out we might not be able to move it immediately?
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Fostering an animal is a big commitment. It would be your responsibility to provide a nurturing and safe home for a foster animal if you are approved to foster. You will need to dedicate time to helping to rehab your foster(s) to get him/her/them ready for adoption. Paws in Need will pay for veterinary expenses, food, supplies, and training. *
We cannot guarantee an animal's behaviour prior to it coming to your home. We do our best to collect as much information as possible about each animal prior to intake, but cannot guarantee that surrendering owners will have fully disclosed everything about the animal's behaviour. As a foster, it would be your responsibility to communicate all information regarding the animal's behaviour to administrators so that an appropriate adopter or training plan be selected. Their behaviour in care is assessed and based on their actions and behaviours observed in their foster home. Transitioning to new environments can cause animals to behave differently, so during the first few days in your home, their behaviour they display may not be the behaviour we would expect long term. *
We cannot guarantee the breed, age, or health of the animals before they come into our care. All of our animals are checked by a vet, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed while in care. Any pre-existing health conditions (if any) that Paws in Need Animal Rescue Society has been made aware of by the vet, will be fully disclosed to adopters and you will be present for veterinary appointments so that you are aware of their health status. It is a good practice to keep fosters separate from existing animals in your home, until after they see a veterinarian for a preliminary health check. *
If, for any reason, I am not able to care for an animal after it is placed in my home, I understand that it is mandatory that I return the animal to Paws in Need Animal Rescue Society. I am not allowed to rehome or sell this animal to another party. I understand I do not own my foster animal and all decisions regarding it's adoption and care are ultimately up to Paws in Need Animal Rescue Society. *
By submitting this form, you agree that all information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. The falsification of any information may result in the denial of your foster application. Should you fail to meet any of the requirements set forth by Paws in Need Animal Rescue Society, you understand that your application will be denied. Following adoption, if any of the provided information is found to be false or misrepresented, Paws in Need may remove the animal from your care. *
I understand that if I choose to adopt an animal in my care, I must notify the administrators immediately, and prior to them being posted for adoption. I will still need to answer all the adoption interview questions, and may be denied adoption if the administration determines that I am not in a position to adopt.
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