CSK Online Application & Assessment (2019)
Programmer Analyst—A mature, intelligent, and capable Nepali is needed to help develop and maintain software to meet the technology development needs of the business and its clients. Strong written and verbal communication are required for this position. Experience working with teams is essential. Applicants should be familiar with Python, JavaScript, and Github, MySQL (or an equivalent database management system), Django (or an equivalent open-source framework management system), etc. and be able to pass a competency test. STARTING SALARY: 20,000 Rs with an increase up to 25,000 Rs after successful completion of a provisional period.

INSTRUCTIONS - As this is a very comprehensive application, please allow up to 2 hours for its completion. If you are able to write in English, please do so. Otherwise, you can write in Roman Nepali. You should not take help from anyone in filling this out. If you are caught lying or cheating, your application will be null and void. Thanks again for your interest in the Center for Strategic Knowledge, and we wish you the best throughout this process!
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