2019 Saratoga, WY Skijoring Registration
Thanks for participating! We are stoked to have you!!!!!!!

Rider and Skier Registration Instructions: In order for us to organize the event we request that every participant fills out the following information. The race event will begin with sign in at the Wolf Hotel in Saratoga on February 8th. Payment will be due at sign in. The races will be held February 9th & 10th. Race rules limit each horse to two (2) runs per day, a rider may enter a maximum of (2) horses per division. Skiers / boarders each get two runs per day per entry fee, a skier can enter a maximum of twice (resulting in 4 runs per day). While we encourage having a team sign up (1 rider and 1 skier), we are taking registration for individual riders and skiers. We will do our best to match up skiers with a rider. SPACE IS LIMITED, THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IS TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM. We will close registration once all spaces have been filled. The quoted entry fee is for the entire weekend.

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Are you registering as a team, a skier/Boarder or a rider - If entering more than once (see above for maximums) please fill out a new form for each entry. *
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