Young Center Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering! This form will ask you questions about where you live, your availability, and your areas of expertise so we can match you with the right volunteer opportunities, either with the Young Center or with local nonprofits in your area working on family reunification. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions, we will only contact you when there's a potential volunteer match. We cannot respond to everyone's submissions but do keep them on file for reference.

Please note, we are no longer recruiting Child Advocates for our Fall 2018 Child Advocate trainings; our next trainings will be held Spring 2019. Our volunteer coordinators will be reaching out to qualified individuals in Winter and Spring 2019 with more information.

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Volunteer advocates must be 21 or older, but other volunteer positions do not have an age limitation.
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Some facilities are not accessible by public transportation.
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Becoming a Child Advocate is a 16-month minimum commitment, but there are other ways we may be able to use your help if you can only commit to less!
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If you know other languages than those listed, you can let us know in the next question.
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In what other languages are you at least conversationally proficient?
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