Welcome: Propose a track for the Free Movement Conference
Free Movement Conference 2018
Welcome to the track proposal form for Free Movement Conference! The conference will convene March 23rd-25th, 2018, in downtown Wilmington, NC at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center.

Are you engaged in policy fights and looking for creative interventions? Are you fighting to end mass incarceration? Do you imagine a media that serves the public interest? Are you organizing for racial justice? Do you want to build a youth media movement? Are you building a new economy in your community? Is environmental racism impacting your community? Do you believe in the power of the arts to transform communities? Or are you involved in similar issues? If so, your work is a good fit for the Free Movement Conference and we hope you’ll submit a proposal for a track.

The deadline for submitting a track proposal is October 31st. Each track is a series of sessions or workshops (a single track can encompass up to six separate workshops or sessions occurring over the length of the conference) built around a particular theme or idea. You can propose a track without having to program it in its entirety. In fact, the goal is to have track leaders program their tracks in collaboration. Each track session/workshop will last 1.5 hours. We will also consider alternative conference activities - like creating an open space or lab for free form engagement.

If your track is selected we'll ask you to a) help recruit/select up to six sessions/workshops to populate your track, b) participate in track reviews, and c) act as a host during the conference to welcome participants to your track. You will receive free registration and a travel scholarship for being a track leader. We ask that you identify two track leaders for your track proposal and enter their information below. The Free Movement team will work with you at each step to make this a smooth and collaborative process!

Complete the form below, be sure to include as much information as possible. If you wish to make changes to your application after you’ve submitted it or if you have any questions, email info@workingnarrratives.org
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Why is this track needed? Why is it important for grassroots communities?
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