Host Hourglass Films' "Sustainable" During One Earth Film Fest / City of Chicago's 2019 Earth Day Mini Film Festival
For Earth Day week in 2019 (April 22 through 27th), we are inviting organizations to participate in One Earth Film Fest’s Earth Day mini film festival with the City of Chicago. Your organization can sign up to host a special screening of one of the films below, and One Earth will send you an easy one-pager on how to implement our unique awareness-to-action model during your event. Simply register below, and pay $19.95 (plus shipping) to receive a DVD for your screening, which you can also keep.

Why consider participating?

With the most recent United Nations IPCC report, the US’s most recent Climate Report, climate-related extreme weather affecting more and more of us and our families and neighbors — and the opportunity to build a safer and more resilient future — it’s a critical time to gather in community to discuss solutions and to take action to stop (and even reverse) global warming.

Please complete the questionnaire below to register your organization. After you submit this form, you will receive a separate link that you can visit to order your copy of the "Sustainable" DVD. *Note: Please order your DVD no later than April 6. This will ensure enough time for you to receive and test (important!) the DVD before your screening event during Earth Day Week, April 22-27.

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