US Unity Flag Nonprofit Program
US Unity Flag, LLC. is committed to work with nonprofits working towards unity of all people.

Nonprofits are encouraged to apply to the program.  They are given a custom tool kit of promotional materials to sell US Unity Flag products with a portion of every sale ($3 per product) being donated to the nonprofit.

Step 1: Apply to be a Non Profit Partner.
Apply Here with this application form (Nonprofits must have a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 status).
US Unity Flag, LLC. has the right to refuse any applications.

US Unity Flag Staff review all applications and will notify accepted non-profits!

Step 2: Receive a custom field on all product pages and start selling products via email and social media.
Upon approval of your application, you will be entered onto the nonprofit drop down list on each product. In order to receive credit, all sales must have the code entered from the drop down menu. 
Access our ‘toolkit’ of social media images and sample posts, and sample emails.  

Step 3: Collect $3 per US Unity Flag product for your nonprofit.
Quarterly, US Unity Flag, LLC. will issue a check for the total amount raised.
50% of the remaining profits received by US Unity Flag, LLC. will go to the US Unity Foundation. (More information here.)  

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