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The Stilldream Promotion Team is the hard working engine that keeps the dream machine moving. To be a part of this team one must be outgoing, be ready for long nights and ready to have fun! An important part of being a Dream Ambassador is knowing that while you are out promoting for Stilldream you are an Ambassador for the event and the company. When people see you they think of Stilldream. So its always important that you try to represent us / the Team in the best the light, (think of the person you'd meet that would invite you to an event that you might not have been to before).

Being positive, fun, friendly and encouraging goes a long way. We're not here to just get random people to go to our events, we're here to increase the size of our family and let people know that if you're into good music, amazing art and being a part of something bigger then ourselves that you have a place to call home with us.

Please fill out the form below so we have some basic info for you.
Your Name: *
Legal Name as its written on your ID - Used for Guestlist, etc
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How Old are you? *
Some events are 18+ / 21+. Knowing your age helps us knowing what events you can go to promote.
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*Please include your Link / URL if possilbe.
*Please include your Link / URL if possilbe.
*Please include your Link / URL if possilbe.
Do you have a smart phone? *
Parts of the street team will require you to take photos of your promotions, using your camera function and GPS to help keep track of your work. Having a smart phone is not a necessity but helps make everyones job easier..
Do you have a Car / Drivers License? *
Promotions require store drops and event promotions and Let Out, knowing if you have a car helps us understand your capabilities.
Shirt Size
Think Mens Sizes but also for girls list both in Mens and Womens if we get both.
Anything else you'd like to let us know?
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