DEF2020 Speaker Nomination
We are looking for the most inspiring, engaging, and awesome speakers for the Annual Conference in Indianapolis this October!

The conference's theme, "Community and Collaboration," will guide our formulation of the agenda and topics and unite the essence of the conference, while remaining general enough for the participants to explore many different tangents and facets. It ties closely to our core mission statement (Inspire, Connect, Empower) and will provide a moment for the DEF community to focus on its development and future.

DEF2019 focused on making people "Engaged and Empowered", and we've been seeing unprecedented growth in the size of our dynamic community. This year we take a hard look at how the organization is developing and pursuing its mission of culture change in National Security. If you know someone who would be great in the DEF2020 line-up, please nominate them for consideration. This is a time-honored tradition of DEF national conferences: we want to hear from the DEF community!

There are a variety of different speaking opportunities:
- Plenary Talk (~150-275 people for ~30-60 min)
- Panel Discussion (~150-275 people for ~45 min)
- Lightning Talk (~150-275 people for ~15 min)
- Breakout Session (~30-50 people for ~30-60 min)

Please share some information about yourself and your relationship with the speaker you're nominating to get things started:
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We do ask that you only nominate people whom you can personally connect us with. Our volunteer team will reach out to you after receiving your nomination, in order to proceed with the connection. Please don't submit someone cool/famous unless you can help get them involved!
Speaker Nominee Information
Thanks for giving us a little bit of background about yourself - now we'd love to hear about the person you're nominating!

Please fill out as much of the information below as you can. All required items are *literally* required, so if you cannot complete all of them and submit, it means you don't have enough information for us to work with in coordinating the person you have in mind as part of the Annual Conference.

If you have a question, please feel free to email us at
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Please refer to the top of this page for descriptions of each format. You may select multiple answers.
What other information should we know about your speaker nominee?
Please share anything else about your personal connection to this individual or that you think would help us integrate them into this year's annual conference.
Thank You!
Thank you for nominating a speaker for DEF2020! We are constantly reviewing the open opportunities in the conference agenda, and will reach out once we have a good sense of where the speaker you nominated would fit in the line-up.

You will receive an email with a copy of the information you submitted - if you find an error or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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