Deliver a training to the She Owns It Community
As a valued She Owns It Member we'd love to invite you to deliver a training on a topic of your choice to the wider She Owns It Community (inside the Free She Owns It Marketplace Group, which has over 13,000 Members).

This exciting initiative allows us you to showcase your skills and offer an upsell (optional) to our wider community. It also means that through our Membership we're working together to offer a level of free mentorship to the wider She Owns It community which is pretty special.

How Does It Work?

1. Submit your training proposal below.
2. We'll review your submission and contact you with a link to schedule your date on our booking calendar
3. Once confirmed, we'll create an event in the group for you and add you as a Host
4. On the day and time of your event, you go live in the group and deliver your training

What Do I Talk On?

We recommend considering your services and choosing a subtopic from that service. For example, if you sell a website copywriting bundle you might do a 'craft your own about page' workshop. You could do a 'How To' training or a 'How I' training (eg How to write a compelling about page in 3 easy steps/ How I use Instagram to promote my product based business)
1. Please start by sharing the topic you're covering, the pain point you're addressing, the outcome for your audience, and the 3-5 steps you'll cover to get there.
2. Share a SHORT overview of who you are, your business/ experience and how people can find out more about you.
3. Deliver your 3-5 step training. At the end, invite Q and A if you want to (not required), and once your training is delivered, you are welcome to share about your upsell if you have one or remind people how to connect with you or follow you. We can also share links and copy pointing to your website and/or upsell in the copy of the live video once it's completed.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your skills with your She Owns It Sisters! We would love to hear more about you and what you'd love to share and showcase.

* Please note that we get a lot of submissions, and we do our best to get back to everyone who applies. With a small team, we ask for your patience as we review your application. We prioritise submissions based on what we've recently delivered (so we don't repeat topics too frequently) and what the community is requesting.
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