ERF2021 Workshop Proposal Submission Form
Please use this form to submit your workshop/session proposal for the virtual European Robotics Forum 2021.

The new date fixed is 13/14 April 2021 with the option to hold few sessions and side events such as lab tours the days before and/or after.

Please submit the form by 15 January 2021 (strict deadline). When you submit the form you will receive a confirmation email with a link that will allow you to edit your proposal up to the deadline. Please keep this link!


- A high number of workshop proposals is expected. A detailed description of your workshop proposal will make it easier for the organisers (and at a later stage for the participants) to select the right workshops.

- As it happens often that several WS proposals address the same topic area, it's likely that we come back to individual proposals and ask for merging with others or to form a track on that topic. In this case we would write to all WS organisers in a single mail, revealing the names and mail addresses in this case. The planned time frame for that is 15-31 January 2021.

- Workshops allowing “networking” and exchange of thoughts are preferred to those proposing numerous and lengthy presentations. Ideally, the workshops are interactive, e.g. short introductory or position statements followed by rounds of discussion using any kind of moderation technique. ERF is not meant to replicate or replace a “typical” scientific conference, but should keep and extend its own "spirit", even in a virtual setting.

- Workshops should allow for a balanced representation of industrial and academic contributors, and involve end-users, representatives of finance, policy, etc. as appropriate. Explicit tracks for specific topics may choose more limited target audiences with justification.

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The call for workshop proposals can be found here:

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