Acknowledgment, Rules & Policies
VITRYCHENKO Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics (VARG) is a developmental rhythmic gymnastics program.

We have Beginners and Team levels in our program. As the gymnast progress through the different skills and begins to participate in meets, she moves upward through the levels. Moving to the next level is based on skill level participation in meets and meets results, consistency in attending classes, and is at the discretion of the coach.

VARG Competitive Program runs all year round. We observe major holidays during the season. The month of June, July and August we are offering a Summer Camp. Winter Break and Summer Break camps are offered at additional cost.
The tuition is based on 8 weeks session. It is imperative that your child's tuition is kept up to date so that we are able to pay our employees and our monthly bills, etc. You have to pay tuition within the first five days of the session. Only students with paid tuition will be allowed to participate in classes. Late fee of $30 will be applied to your account after the 1st week of each session. If yon decide to discontinue class, you have to submit a written note to VARG 30 days prior to the date you wish to stop.

In order for your child to progress she/he must be consistent in attending classes. VARG have a right to cancel any classes during the time when the team is attending competitions and for any other reason. We cannot pro-rate, carry-over, or refund fees for the missed classes. We do not have make-up days for federal holidays, or when practices are cancelled due to severe weather. It is a parent’s responsibility to get their child to class, therefore, reductions in tuition will not be granted for missed classes.
Make-up classes
Students are allowed only 1 make-up class a month. Excusable absences (due to illness or special circumstances) may not be applied to future tuition and should be made up within 30 days of the missed class when a child is enrolled in the program. It is very important that you ask the coach when your child can come to the make-up class. Please don’t send your child to the class without permission from the coach because she will not be able to participate. The class schedule is subject to change.
Family vacations
In order to save your child a spot in her class, the tuition must be paid during your
family vacation time. If you choose not to do it, enrollment in our program will be based on space availability, and your child may be placed in a different class where space is available or maybe put on a waiting list for the desired class when she comes back from vacation. Students who wish to take an extended leave of absence must pay in full if they wish to retain a spot in our class, otherwise, space is not guaranteed.
Competition Fees
Each gymnastics competitor will pay Competitions Fee ( by the due date) which includes Competitions Entree Fees, and a part of the Coaches Fees (including transportation, accommodation, food, and salary). There is no refund or prorating of the Competitions Fee due to the illness or absents. For the gymnast to be able to compete, the tuition and competitions fee has to be up to date, and she must be registered with USA Gymnastics (for gymnastics competitors). No exceptions!
Levels 3,4,5,6 routines are the same and NO cost for all VARG students. Beginning at Level 7 each gymnast must have her own choreography (4 routines each competitive season), for an extra cost. All individual routines must be learned outside of the regular classes. Choreography fee must be paid in full when the choreography time is booked.
2-3 hours a week of Ballet classes are strongly recommended for all team members.
If a coach assigns homework to the gymnast this homework should be practiced at home. This is essential for the gymnast's success.
All competitors are required to attend all scheduled practices. Prior arrangements involving tardiness or an absence should be made with the coach in advance. If an absence is unexpected please call/text coach.
Private lessons
Private lessons are very important to your child’s progress. When the gymnast advances to the competitive level 1-2 private lessons per week are strongly recommended. All private lessons must be scheduled in advance and paid at the time of booking. You will be charged for the private lesson if it is canceled less than 24 hours prior to it. The prices for private lessons are subject to change.

VARG coaches cannot give your child private lessons outside of any facility where VARG is operating its business unless these lessons are part of the VARG program and are scheduled through the club. The facility where VARG is operating its business cannot be used for any rhythmic or ballet private lessons with coaches who are not affiliated with VARG. These are the insurance issues and these rules will be strictly enforced. Your child will be asked to leave the club immediately without a refund if these rules are broken.
At practice, all students must wear a black leotard and black shorts/tights, toe shoes, and short white socks. All gymnasts/dancers must have their hair up in a bun, no jewelry. All team members must have VARG team warm-up (available in different sizes).
Class observation
No parents are allowed in the room without the coach’s permission. there must be a parent with siblings at all times. Parents and siblings are not allowed on the gym floor. Please refrain from talking with your child during the class, as it can be distracting to everyone else. We have a right to ask any parent to leave the gym if his or her actions distract the class. All children must be picked up at the end fo the class. VARG doesn’t assume any responsibility for the care, custody health or the well-being of the child left after her/his class is over.
Please contact our main coach if you have problems or concerns. We are in business to serve you and your child. Your thoughts are important to us. Together, we will work to find solutions to your problems. Complaining to other parents CANNOT solve your problems, nor can we solve them if we don’t know about them. If you respect us enough to allow us to play a large role in your athlete’s life, please respect us enough to deal with communication problems appropriately. If there are concerns, we should be happy to discuss these during the scheduled meeting time.

Please call 224-241-0247 or email at to schedule an appointment. VARG coaches are not available during, before, or after classes with a prior arrangement.
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