Portal Treasure Hunt - Junior High
How well do you know your portal? Check out this Treasure Hunt to find the hidden "treasures" for the coming school year!
Open this link in another tab, click on Junior High School, and start hunting!
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Back to School
Go to Secrets. This activity is for practicing....
1 point
Which topic has this image?
1 point
Captionless Image
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Classroom Management
Go the Strategies for Good Classroom Management. How many strategies are offered in this article? *
1 point
Cultures of the World
There are 4 video clips with the word "color" in their title *
1 point
Oral Proficiency
Which activity tells the story of a father and his son? *
1 point
Climates and Seasons
Which activity deals with unique names for the months of the year? *
1 point
English Through Music
Go to the activity called Music Conversation. What is the first question in this activity? *
1 point
Gaming and EFL
One of the games in this topic teaches the pupils about poetic devices *
1 point
Special Days
The Rosh Hashana Trivia Quiz has 10 items *
1 point
Extensive Reading
What is Librivox? *
1 point
Grammar, Language, and Lexis
Which clip is about Harry Potter? *
1 point
What would you like to see more of on the Portal?
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