Govans Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations
Statement of Purpose

The Govanstowne Farmers’ Market is a project of Loyola University Maryland and the York Road Partnership.  The market will be held Wednesdays from 3-6pm at Loyola University Maryland, 5104 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212 from the first week of June to and including the last week of September each year. The primary objective of the farmers’ market is to provide the Greater Govans community with access to produce that is affordable, fresh, and locally grown.

Criteria for Acceptance as a Market Vendor

1. The Govanstowne Farmers' Market is a producer only market.  All products sold must be grown or produced by the farm or production facility listed on the vendor application.   Resale of items purchased by the vendor is not permitted. *Special reservations may be made for locally produced goods with the proper paperwork and information.  Contact the Market Manager for more information.

2. All vendors who wish to sell in the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market must file an application with the market manager.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but formal announcement of vendors will be take place on or before May 1.  Vendors are only allowed to sell the products they have indicated on their application and have been approved to sell by the market manager.  Please contact the market manager if you wish to offer additional products not indicated in your vendor application.

3. Food items allowed for sale include raw fruits and vegetables, edible plants, eggs, honey, shelled peas and beans, cut, washed, and unwashed, bagged vegetables, nuts, garlic, spices, grains, herbs, bedding plants, herbal vinegars, whole baked breads, chocolates, fruit syrups, jellies, jams, herbal and vegetable spreads, stuffed breads, fresh pasta, fresh juice and cider, raw and frozen meats, raw and frozen small poultry, raw and frozen game bird and rabbit, raw and frozen fin fish and seafood, live seafood, fluid milk and fresh dairy products, cheese, canned and pickled products, and cured sausage and meat.

4. Vendors will be selected by the market manager with input from the market advisory board in a mix that satisfies the needs of the Govans community.  There will be a priority list for each category.  If additional vendors are needed or a current vendor is no longer able to sell at the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market, the vendor next on this list will be offered a spot.

5. All vendors participating in the Govanstowne Farmers Market must comply with all Baltimore City and State of Maryland regulations. Farmers and vendors are responsible for obtaining and paying for all required permits. Call the Food Control section of Baltimore City Health Department at (410)396‐4424 for more information.

General Rules and Guidelines

1. Stall Assignments:  Each vendor will be given a stall assignment each week.  All vehicles and displays must be confined to the stall assignment.  Depending on availability, vendors are able to purchase additional stall space.  The market manager will communicate the stall assignment before each market day.  If you are late or do not show up without proper communication, you may lose your preferred space to another vendor.  Vendors are required to purchase and bring their own tents.

2. Stall Set-Up:  Stall set-up will begin at 2 PM each market day.  Vendors are required to be present at their stall assignment and ready to sell no later than 3 PM.  Selling to customers before 3pm while other vendors may still be setting up is discouraged.  If vendors are not at their assigned stall by 2:45pm without proper communication the spot may be given to another vendor in the interest of creating a cohesive market space.

3. Stall Tear-Down:  Vendors will be given one hour for stall tear-down.  Vendors must clean up their stall assignments, load up their vehicles, and leave the 5104 York Road parking lot by 8 PM.  Vendors are discouraged from selling to the general public after 6 PM. Vendors are not permitted to dispose of unsold products and product packaging in public trash cans. Note: Unless dismissed early due to inclement weather or emergency, tear-down will not begin until 6:00pm at the earliest.  Please be considerate of other vendors.  Tearing down early will result in a verbal warning.

4. Pricing:  ALL Vendors are required to have their prices displayed.  It is illegal for vendors licensed to accept benefits (EBT, WIC, FMNP, etc.) to sell unmarked items.

Prepared Food Vendors: Menu items and price list must be included with all applications. All menus must include at least 2 items priced $5 or less. Prepared Food Vendors are required to post prices during the market.

5. Health Practices:  Vendors must display and comply with all certifications, licenses, and permits required by the United States federal government, the state of Maryland, and the City of Baltimore.

6. Smoking Policy:  Vendors are not permitted to smoke at the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market.

7. Miscellaneous:  Vendors are not permitted to bring firearms, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or pets (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs) to the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market.

8. Sales Tax:  Each vendor is responsible for collecting his or her own sales taxes in accordance with the United States, state of Maryland, and the city of Baltimore.


1. All approved vendors participating in the Govanstowne Farmers' Market are required to pay rent.  Vendors may be approved to participate in a limited number of market days.

2. Rent is a tiered system and can be paid in the following two ways:  $20 per market day or $225 for the entire market season.  If full-season vendors are present at least 75% of  market days without violation, a $50 rebate will be issued upon the end of the GFM season. Those who wish to participate in a partial season can purchase multiple market days simultaneously.

3. Rent shall be made payable to: Loyola University Maryland via certified check, money order, personal check or cash.

4. Rent is due to the Market Manager in person or mailed to: GFM-York Road Initiative Annex, Loyola University Maryland, 4501 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21210

5. Rent is non-refundable.

6. Certified 501(c)3 non-profits and community groups are not required to pay rent.  Reservations must be made ahead of time.  Organizations may reserve a table free of charge 1 time per month during the season. Organizations wishing to reserve a table more than 1 time per month will be subject to daily rental rates.

7. Local businesses in the 21212 zip code wishing to promote their small businesses (but not register as a vendor and sell goods or services) will be charged a table rental fee of $10 per participation.  Businesses may reserve 1 table per month.  Businesses wishing to reserve a table more than 1 time per month will be subject to regular daily rental rates of $20.

8. Vendors are encouraged to fill out a gross sales report for each market day for seasonal data collection purposes, provided weekly by market management.

9. All eligible vendors must be qualified to accept national, state, and local food benefit programs.  For help navigating this process, contact the Market Manager at

Hold Harmless Clause

All authorized vendors participating in the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market shall be responsible to Loyola University Maryland (the fiscal agent) for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and / or any other damage that may occur as a result of the vendors' negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees, and all vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save Loyola University Maryland harmless from any loss, cost, damages, and other expenses, including attorneys' fees, suffered or incurred by Loyola University Maryland by reason of the vendors' negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees; provided that the vendors shall not be responsible nor required to indemnify Loyola University for negligence, its servants, agents and employees. Because no insurance is provided to participants in the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market, each vendor must carry his/ her own product liability insurance and must be prepared to present it in the market.


The following ‘tier 1’ violations will be met with a written warning from the market manager.  An additional ‘tier 1” violation gives the market manager the authority to dismiss the vendor without reimbursement for any weeks they have paid for with additional violations.

Arriving late without alerting the market manager 24 hours in advance.
Leaving prior to selling entire inventory without alerting the market manager.
Beginning tear down before 5:45 PM
Smoking on market premises or animals at market without medical reason.
Accepting green tokens (SNAP dollars) for ineligible products the first week of the market.

The following ‘tier 2’ violations will be met with a written warning from the market manager.  One ‘tier 2’ violation gives the market manager the authority to dismiss the vendor without reimbursement for any weeks they have paid for with any additional violations.

Failure to attend the farmers market without 24 hour notice.
Failure to pay stall rent.
Accepting green (SNAP) tokens for ineligible products.

The following ‘tier 3’ violations will be met with dismissal from the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market.

Selling products without the required certifications, licenses, and permits required by the United States, the state of Maryland, and the city of Baltimore.
Selling products not grown or produced by the farm or production facility listed on the vendor application, selling products grown or produced at a location not listed on the vendor application, and the resale of products purchased by the vendor.
Repeated offenses of accepting green tokens for ineligible products.  This is illegal under national law.


To file a formal grievance, written description of the situation must be submitted to the Market Manager.  A written receipt of the submission will be acknowledged.  The Market Manager will bring the situation to the attention of the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market Community Advisory Committee for review.  The decision will be communicated to vendor(s) and documented.  Decisions are final.


Loyola University Maryland reserves the right to revise the Govanstowne Farmers' Market Rules and Regulations at any time as they deem appropriate.  I have read the Govanstowne Farmers Market Market Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by the rules, and any changes made by Market Management.  I agree to abide by all City, County, State and Federal government laws, codes and regulations, and to cooperate with the Market Management. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Govanstowne Farmers Market; Loyola University Maryland and any other officers, employees, representatives, directors or agents from any and all liability, claims, suits, damages, levies, costs, losses and fees including attorney fees, arising out of or relating to my activities with the Govanstowne Farmers Market.

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