PCS Creative Services Website Project Questionnaire
A well-defined purpose will make it more likely that you will be able to connect with your customers.
Measurable goals should be just one of the things you plan when gathering your content. Why do I ask for all this stuff? It’s important to find out what you do and don’t like about your site or other sites. Many times I might hear that you like a website, but you only like the header and hate other parts of it. I want to base my design ideas off of a really clear picture of your likes and dislikes to save you time and added costs from revisions. Tell me things that bug you about other sites. Tell me things you love about other sites. If you want something to be playful, help me picture what you mean by playful. I am still in the learning stages about you and your business.
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How did you hear about me?
I love to send thank you cards and gifts to those who refer me to others, so please let me know how you found me.
If you summed up the objectives of this website in a single sentence, it might read:
What do you want to accomplish? What is your #1 goal for clients when they visit your site?This one is important as every business is different and you want to match your goals with your customers' goals. Some businesses just want to get the client on the phone (but clients need to build trust before they want to get on the phone), some want their clients to purchase online or simply enter their email somewhere for follow up later.
What are the defining characteristics of your website's core audience, such as age, location, gender, geography, mainly consumers or mainly companies, etc.?
Think about Who are your ideal customers? This helps me understand who you’re targeting. This isn't meant to limit you from having customers outside this ideal, but it helps me understand the people you love doing business with. Call them avatars, call them VIPs, or just great people you love to serve. How would you describe them?
What kind of leads do you really want to get from your website?
Think about the leads that you identify with the most, and provide you with the most value. Think about your products and services and the value of a sale and repeat business.
What do your website visitors need to do in order to give you a lead or sale? How do you tend to follow up with prospects?
If you asked your leads the thing they want most from your business it would be:
Knowing your website audience's needs, problems, or pain points is a key part of making sure your site serves them. Help me picture what problem you are trying to solve so I can make sure your site includes the right features.
At the highest level, why is your business important to you? (For example, something like: "Supporting better eating habits and health for people, improving the environment, sharing traditions, preserving culture, etc.")
I'm trying to get to know you and what helped you decide to start a business. What is your "why" ?
My website will demonstrate that I've identified my audience's need or problem and I am qualified to solve this problem because:
Think of how you add value and how you stand out. Is it your passion, because you created your business to solve a problem that no one else was solving, that you have personal experience with the need you are filling?
When my audience is seeking the product(s) or service(s) I provide...What question is in my audience's mind?
Think about why are people visiting your website? What’s their #1 goal? What is your #1 goal for them when they visit? Does it match? This one is important as every customer is different and you want to match your goals with your customers' goals.
Once I have satisfied my audience's needs and given them what they are seeking, I will invite them to do three things in return. These are, in order of priority: 
(For example: sign up for my email list, make a purchase, donate money, register for an account. List most important first, then next most, then least important.) These should be actionable steps that your website can facilitate.
I want people to know the following about me, my business, my purpose, my passions, etc.?
What type of business or cause do you think they identify with? How would you present yourself on your site in order to appeal to their interests or passions? How do you tend to "brand" yourself or present your value add?
My existing customers/audience trust me because:
People who are finding me for the first time will want to know (what?) ...before they feel confident in committing to work with me?
What can you share that will help build trust or demonstrate your expertise in approachable and believable ways?
How do I want my customers to feel when they interact with my company website and with us in person, is it the same?
List other sites or the characteristics of other sites that you admire or find helpful, attractive, or would like to emulate:
On the flip side, list other sites or the characteristics of other sites that frustrate you, make you leave, or that you dislike:
Do you need any of these features on your site?
Select all that you think you'll need. This will help me put together a complete proposal and give you options for plugins and services that support the features. What’s in your head… what do you want the website to do? How will it convert?
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