~ Infinity Staff Team App ~
- General activity - Must be able to keep up.
- 3.5 months minimum in clan - Deal breaker if you haven't been in/back in the cc this long.
- Being trusted among other staff - Deal breaker if you're a trouble-maker.
- Knowledge of our events, offsite, discord and how to apply to the clan - Deal breaker.
- Good attitude and patience - Must be willing to work through compromises appropriately.
- Participating in clan-work - Behind the scenes/In-game member engagement.
- Never retaliating or discouraging - Deal breaker.
- Can diffuse heated situations/remains calm - Deal breaker.
- Communicative + Open-minded - Must be able to communicate thoughts, ideas + clan mishaps accordingly.
- Integrity - Do what's right, even when no-one is looking.
- Willingness to host/cover events - #teamplayer
- We'd like to also stress that voicing your opinion clearly and respectfully is super critical to Staff Decisions.
(Even if your opinion is minority, it is often needed to morph ideas into one great scheme for the better of the cc)
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