General Representative Position
The CSSA 2015/2016 Committee is seeking people interested in being a General Representative on the committee. The role of a general representative can be very broad and cover many things. Some aspects that an general representative can include are outlined in the descriptions below. If you have any questions, please email

Common Room
• Keep common room in order, by working to maintain a safe and friendly environment, so that all members of the community are treated fairly
• Manage, support and assist CROs to complete their jobs
• Organise and facilitate the cleaning of the common room and supplies to do so
• Manage feedback and complaints from common areas

• Compiling and sending out newsletters to CSSA general members • Creating and maintaining event posters for all CSSA events
• Maintaining and updating code of conduct

• Organise and oversee study events for courses
• Coordinate with the school, course convenors, lecturers and tutors for core computer science courses to make study events successful

I<3CS Duties:
• Organise, run and record industry and educational events run by the CSSA
• Work with Industry to organise tech talks and workshops
• Create, maintain and run workshops that can be reused in later years
• Facilitate member-based projects and presentations

• To organise, run and record all social events run by the CSSA
• To work with general representatives to help coordinate all social events • To make sure that every event has a venue, approval and advertisement

Application Deadline: March 24th 4pm.

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