The Uproot Project Membership Survey
If you’d like to apply to become a member of the Uproot Project, please fill out this member survey. Membership gives you access to our Slack channel (look out for an invite in your inbox!), access to events, and more. This network is by journalists of color and for journalists of color. Your needs and feedback matter, and this application survey alerts us to what want to see Uproot accomplish.
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Lastly, help us verify that you are who you say you are. Please complete *one* of the following: 1) Make a post that includes the hashtag #UprootAndAway on any public social media account you own and post that link below. 2) Take a photo of something that identifies you, like a work badge, school ID, press membership card, or library card, and upload it to Google Drive. Paste the link below. (For your privacy, please make sure you don’t upload documents like a passport or social security card!) 3) Take a selfie with a piece of paper that says “Uproot Project” with the time and date, and upload it to Google Drive. (Make sure your privacy setting is set to allow anyone with the link to view.) Paste the link below.
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