Join Student Life for a fun-filled day of activities on June 19, 2019 from 9AM - 2PM at the Davenport University - Lettinga Campus! Open to all DU employees and students. Please plan to accompany your guest(s) at all activities. Arrangements should be made with instructors in advance for students who are considering bringing their children into the classroom
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Which events will you be attending? - Snacks & Coloring (9am - 9:30am in the Main Foyer) *
Which events will you be attending? - Movie (9:30am - 11:30am in the Sneden Auditorium) *
Which events will you be attending? - Campus BBQ for $6.00 (11:30am - 1pm) *
Which events will you be attending? - Outdoor Activities (12pm - 2pm) - Critter barn, balloon artist, chalking, lawn games, and crafts. *
Release and Wavier of Liability: While participating in the trip sponsored by Davenport University, I understand that the participation in any event involves risk of injury to me and my property and that no amount of precaution by the Center for Campus Life department, Panther Rec, Davenport University,or the Board of Directors can eliminate such risk. Because of this and in consideration of Davenport University to sponsor student events and programming and to allow me the opportunity to participate, I agree as follows: 1. I will participate in the DU sponsored trip in a careful and prudent manner and will attempt whenever possible to minimize the risk of injury to myself. 2. I hereby release the Center for Campus Life office, Davenport University, Board of Directors, and Staff from liability for any injury to myself or my property caused in whole or in part by negligence of the Center for Campus Life office,Davenport University,Board of Directors,and Staff. I give this wavier and release intending to legally bind myself and my heirs, representatives, successors and assigns. 3. I hereby authorize the Center for Campus Life office and Staff to act in the best interest of myself in seeking medical attention in the event of an accident. *
Authorization for Publication, Broadcast and Distribution: The undersigned party hereby grants permission to Davenport University (hereafter the “University”) its faculty, staff and agents the right to use, free of charge, any photograph, audio, and/or video recording, and/or other electronic image in any and all formats including but not limited to University publications, the University website, University advertisements and other promotions, including distribution to external media.The undersigned party hereby relinquishes any claim of payment, royalty or other income and releases Davenport University from any such future claim by agents, heirs or representatives of the undersigned. Further, the undersigned hereby releases Davenport University from any claim of payment and liability for use of any photograph, audio and/or video recording and/or other electronic image as used by organizations to which it is distributed by the University directly or indirectly. *
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