Escape from Tarkov - Moderator Position Application Form (Read the information first)
Before applying please read the information below:

What is it to be a moderator for Escape from Tarkov forum?

A moderator is a forum staff who over watches on post, reported content and other matters throughout the forum. They take on the task of hand holding on the forum by answer questions and guiding users, enforcing the rules and when needed, issuing warning points as well as give punishment restrictions. They are one of the well equipped staff on the forum with tools they utilize to make the forum clean and productive. They are a bit of the forum police in some extent.

Tasks of a moderator:

- Actively read forum posts
- Answer questions
- Moderate the forum by enforcing the rules and issuing penalties if needed
- Handle reported content
- Participate and engage in the forum discussions

We are looking for members of the community whose goal is not to have power but to use the power on the forum to make good changes and be a support for the community. Each warning the moderator issues should be for the good of the community and not personal vendetta. So please make sure your intentions are to serve the community and not to rule the community. It is all about servant leadership. Please note that this is a volunteer position and not a paid position.

Please make sure to fill out all fields as briefly as you can so that we can get to know you better and choose the best of the community. Note that all questions need to be answered in English. We will reply with our decision through the forum private message system as soon as we are ready to. If we accept it, we will send you further information but if we do reject it, we will keep your application in mind for the future openings.

Thank you and good luck!

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