Disaster Relief Grant Application
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The Disaster Relief Grant is for CBFNC churches that seek to reach out to their community during a time of immediate crisis.
**Partnership with community organizations and other churches of any denomination is encouraged.

**Funding of up to $5,000 may be provided for each project based on the fulfillment of this purpose and the availability of funds at the time of the request.
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1)Whom do you intend to serve? 2) What is your goal? 3)Who from your congregation will be involved? 4)With whom or what entities are you partnering beyond your local congregation? Please list partnering churches and organizations.
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Please provide an itemized list of anticipated expenses.
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Please list all partnering groups with the amount and type of support they will contribute.
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Questions? Please Contact:
Mary Kaylor - CBFNC Associate Coordinator
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