Iowa Peer Network Board Application
Join our board as we build a new organization for Peer Support Specialists!

Iowa Peer Network is a new organization being created with a grant from the state of Iowa to create a network for communication for Peer Support Specialists in Iowa.  Our mission is to connect and empower Peer Support Specialists in Iowa in order to foster a strong, skilled workforce.

Iowa Peer Network's Vision:
A peer support workforce that is well-trained, confident, and empowered.  An environment where peer support is respected and integrated into the landscape of wellness.  A future for mental health in Iowa that is accessible, person-centered, and relationship-focused.

You can help us create that vision!  We need people from across the state with a variety of experiences and connections.  Our board meetings will be held online, so you can participate no matter where you live.  Please don't feel intimidated by the questions below - we need a variety of people, and we know not everyone will have experience.  

Apply to get involved!
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Are you trained as a Peer Support Specialist, Family Peer Support Specialist, or Recovery Coach?
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Have you ever served on a board of directors?
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What makes you want to serve on the board for Iowa Peer Network?
We are looking for people with different expertise to fill some specific roles.  If you have experience or training in the areas of nonprofit organization, bookkeeping, law, management, or anything else that might be beneficial on a nonprofit board, please explain below.
It will be helpful for Iowa Peer Network to be able to build relationships with groups of people and other organizations.  This could include nonprofit or mental health related organizations, local government, clubs, or communities such as rural communities, ethnic communities, or the LGBT community.  Please tell us about any connections you have or groups are you a part of?
We want diverse voices on our board so that Iowa Peer Network can meet the needs of a wide variety of Iowans.  We hope to have representation of different ages, race, differently abled, gender identity and sexual orientation, people who live in rural and urban areas, as well as people who work in a variety of settings, such as family peer support, recovery coaching, and the criminal justice/re-entry field.  What can you tell us about yourself and the perspective you can bring to our board?
Can you fulfill at least a one year term commitment? (If not, there may be opportunities to help in an advisory capacity)
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
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This application will remain open until April 30th.  We will contact all applicants in May.  Thank you for your willingness to get involved!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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