Monroe Parks & Recreation Outdoor Recreation Survey
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1. How old is the person completing this survey?
2. What is your gender?
3. Where do you live? (check all that apply)
4. If you have children in your household, what are their ages and how many do you have?
Age 2 & under
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-8
Ages 9-11
Ages 12-14
Ages 15-17
Ages 18 & Over
5. If you live in the Monroe School District, how long have you lived here?
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6. Have you or a member of your household visited a Monroe park in the past year?
7. How do you gain information on recreation programs and the parks in Monroe? (please select all that apply)
8. How many times in the past 12 months have you accessed the City’s website to gain information on park services or recreation programs?
9. How would you rate the existing parks and recreational facilities in the City of Monroe?
10. What would you suggest as improvements or additional comments you would like to make about our facilities?
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11. Overall, how well do you think the following facilities, programs and activities provided by the City of Monroe are currently meeting the needs of the community?
Too Many
Almost Enough
Not Enough
No Opinion
Walking Trails/Walkways
Prairie areas
Athletic facilities
12. If you answered “not enough” what areas would you like to add or other comments you would like to make?
Your answer
13. Overall, how well do you think the trails are currently meeting the needs of the area?
Too many
Almost enough
Not enough
No opinion
Horseback riding
Dirt biking
14. Which of the following city facilities, if any, have you or any member of your household visited or used in the past 2 years? (Please check all that apply)
15. Which of the following trails have you used in the past two years?
Badger State Trail
Sugar River Trail
Cheese Country Trail
Haven't used trails in past 2 years
Horseback riding
Dirt biking
16. Which of the following indoor and outdoor recreational activities are important to you and members of your household? (Please check all that apply)
17. Listed below are several improvements and possible additions that could be made to existing City parks and recreational facilities. Indicate the level of importance each should receive.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
No opinion
Renovating existing baseball/softball fields
Increasing visibility of law enforcement at parks
Prairie areas
Renovating Swiss ALPS playground
Continue addressing accessibility issues such as walkways to fields and playgrounds
Additional restrooms downtown
Adding a splash pad to one of our parks
Renovating playgrounds
Linking parks with walking/biking trails
Planting more trees
Renovate Honey Creek ballfield
Renovating existing or add new soccer fields
Improving existing outdoor swimming pool
Renovating existing outdoor athletic courts
Renovating picnic areas/shelters
More green space
Adding water fountains & benches
Building memorials/naming of benches
Improve ATV/UTV trails in the area
18. What funding sources would you support to fund programs, park land acquisition, development or redevelopment, and maintenance of park facilities? (please rank your top three priorities: #1 choice; #2 choice and #3 choice.)
Park user fees
Property tax
Reduce/eliminate services
Debt services (borrow funds)
Other options
#1 Choice
#2 Choice
#3 Choice
19. If you chose "Other options", please share specific ideas.
Your answer
20. The following statement is intended to identify your opinion concerning the role of Parks and Recreation. Please respond by selecting the most appropriate answer. "The role of Parks, Recreation and Open space in Monroe today is":
21. How often do you use park facilities in the City?
22. What would encourage you to increase your usage/frequency of park visits?
Your answer
23. What Monroe parks have you visited recently? (check all that apply)
Within the past 12 months
Between 1 - 2 years since visit
Over 2 years
Do not visit Monroe parks
Forest Prairle Park
Honey Creek Park
Lincoln Park
Monroe Dog Park at the Industrial Park
Northeast Park
Recreation Park
Sunset West Park
Twining Park
Valley View Park
Water Tower Park
Advance Playlot Park
East School Park
24. What is your level of satisfaction with the condition of the parks you visit?
25. If you are not satisfied with park conditions, please explain why or any other comments you have?
Your answer
26. Please rate the importance of keeping our parks maintained regarding the following.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
No opinion
Playground maintenance
Facility maintenance
Restroom maintenance
Walkway maintenance
Trash pick-up in the parks
Tree planting & care
Pool maintenance
27. How would you rate the ability to walk & bike in and around the City of Monroe?
Very well
No opinion
28. How well do you think the following parks, trails, facilities & programs provided in the City of Monroe are currently meeting the needs of the community?
Very Well
No opinion
Volleyball courts
Soccer fields
Tennis courts
Ball diamonds
Parking lots
Biking trails
After School care
Sledding hills
Skate Park
Disc Golf course
ATV/UTV trails
Horseshoe pits
Outdoor pool
Fitness course
Park restrooms
Basketball courts
Sports programs
Prairie areas